Take 5 - recharge your prepaid phone with MCB

Take 5 - recharge your prepaid phone with MCB with no additional costs

MCB offers 5 easy ways to recharge your prepaid phone or someone else’s phone at no additional cost. If you’d like to buy call credits or recharge your phone to buy or renew your data plan, there are 5 easy, safe and fast ways to do this with MCB. You can use online banking, mobile banking, SMS 1111, one of the many Bankomatiko (ATM) or any PAGOmatiko service point. Want to know how it works? Read below how each of these services work and select the one that you prefer.


Did you know that you can recharge anyone’s prepaid phone (for both Digicel and UTS) via online banking for FREE?


Recharge your phone from your phone with the MCB Mobile app.
You can use the MCB Mobile app on your smart phone for FREE (without extra charges).

3. SMS 1111

SMS recharge is a simple and easy way to recharge. Whether you are on the beach or at a party - you can recharge any prepaid phone (Digicel or UTS) with a simple SMS message.


All MCB Bankomatiko (ATM) offers real-time prepaid phone recharge (for both Digicel and UTS).

5. PAGOmatiko

Recharging via one of our PAGOmatiko service points a convenient and FREE way to recharge your prepaid phone (Digicel or UTS). Search for the service point near you.