Kompa Leon / Kompa Leon Goes Green

Kompa Leon goes green

"We would like to provide you an opportunity to join us in our efforts by offering you a simple, yet meaningful way to contribute to a cleaner environment. You can join us by donating your 1% Kompa Leon Rebate to either Amigu di Tera, Stichting Uniek Curaçao or CARMABI which are advocates resp. for our environment, for taking care of the precious life in the seas surrounding us and for maintaining national parks on land. They will use your contribution in their efforts to safeguard our environment. Simply sign the enclosed donation card and we will do the rest to ensure that the amount of your annual 1% Rebate is contributed in your name."


 At Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V., we continue to look for ways to bring environmentally friendly products to our customers. For this reason, we have taken the first step by making our Kompa Leon cards Curaçao's first eco-friendly credit cards.


Please take a moment to notice that your new Kompa Leon card is made from recycled plastic, using the Earthworks System process, which transfroms old exprired cards into reusable sheet material ready making new cards. In addition, all of the items used in this package are made from recycled materials, including the card-mailer, the envelope and even the ink we used to print on this sheet of paper. Our plan for the future are to expand our line of products produced, using recycled materials and also begin introducing improvements in technology, which will ultimately make our products and services less dependent on paper and friendlier to our environment.


Please visit www.mcb-bank.com/green where you will find useful tips and videos on how you can contribute to improve our environment.


You can download the PDF version of the flyer below.

Kompa Leon stuffer

Kompa Leon welcome letter