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Kompa Leon Gift Card

The perfect gift for all occasions!

The perfect gift for all occasions!

  • Is in local currency ( NAf.)
  • Is valid for 12 months after purchase
  • Available in amounts of NAf. 25,- up to NAf. 500,-

Ensure approval of you purchases before you go shopping.
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  • Easy to use prepaid card
  • Can be used at all Kompa Leon accepting merchants
  • The freedom to choose the gift you desire
  • Accepted at PAGOmatiko merchants

Fees / Other

  • Purchase Fee:  NAf. 5.30 (OB 6%)
  • Maximum Load: NAf. 500,-
  • Validity: 1 Year after purchase

The perfect gift for this Holiday Season is the Kompa Leon Gift Card!

For orders of 10 Kompa Leon Gift Cards or more, complete the order form and forward the completed and signed form to