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Private Banking & Investment Services
Private Banking & Investment Services
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Private Banking & Investment Services (PBIS)

PBIS aspires to be your first choice as the trusted provider of premier banking and investments services.

Investing is an attractive way to build your net worth whether it is for retirement, education of your
children, to meet stated corporate investment goals or to ensure meeting the charitable needs of your
foundation. Our professionals can assess and manage your existing portfolio and assist you in
developing an investment plan that suits your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. PBIS clients
have the option to choose from three distinct service levels;

Investing through a Brokerage Account

This service is tailored to the professional investor who has complete control from security analysis to selection.
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Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning service is designed for high net worth clients who require ongoing expert
financial guidance.
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World Class Providers and Partnerships

Our investment advisors work with the world's premier Asset Managers like BlackRock, Pimco and Custodians like State Street and Clearstream to ensure the best investment products, efficient execution and custody of your investments.