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Become a Supplier

COUPA is MCB Group’s procurement application and it is through this application that the
internal users place their purchase requests for any type of good or service that the Bank would
like to acquire from MCB Group’s approved suppliers list by means of a Purchase Order (or

Only MCB Group approved suppliers are able to receive a Purchase order for the delivery of
goods and services through COUPA.

For suppliers, COUPA provides a dedicated Supplier Portal where each approved supplier can

receive, manage and create invoices for the Purchase Orders received.

Hereby a quick schematic of the process from becoming an approved supplier to receiving a
Purchase Order up to Invoicing and payment of received purchase order.

*When a supplier is already an approved supplier only steps 4 to 7 are applicable.

Become a Supplier Schematic

1. MCB Group decision to purchase goods or services from a new supplier

1. MCB Group Vendor Management team assess the need of a new supplier

2. MCB Vendor Management approves or rejects the request for new supplier

3.If the new supplier request is approved, the team will proceed with the Due Diligence process

2. MCB Group Vendor Management Due Diligence

A new Supplier is approved after Due Diligence process has been completed. Then MCB Goup Vendor Management provides an invitation link to the Coupa Supplier Portal

3. Approved New Supplier

1. New Supplier receives the invitation link and creates a user profile in their dedicated Coupa Supplier Portal
2. New Supplier creates a "Legal Entity" in the Coupa Supplier portal in order to start invoicing

4. Acquiring Purchase Orders (or Contracts*) from MCB Group

1. MCB Group users create a Internal Request for internal approval
2. Upon approval, the Internal Request becomes a Purchase order which is automatically sent to the supplier's Coupa Supplier Portal and supplier's email address

5. Invoicing a Purchase Order (or Contract)

When a Purchase Order or Contract is created for a supplier, it will appear in the dedicated Coupa Supplier Portal

After the order has been delivered, each supplier is able to create an invoice  based on the Purchase order or Contract

6. MCB Group Invoice approval

After the invoice has been created, it will go through an internal aproval process

7. Payment

Once the provided invoice is completely approved by the requester and the internal approvers, the invoice becomes ready to be paid at Accounts Payable team

New Supplier registration request form