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Personal Loan and Mortgages Fees

All fees/service charges are subject to OB

Please find below a listing of our fees and service charges for personal accounts, business accounts, and in-branch transactions. Please note that these fees may impact your account(s).

As a special reminder, please note that many of our Bank transactions are offered free of charge or at a lower fee via our MCB Online Banking and MCB Mobile Banking Services, Bankomatiko (ATM’s) and Pagomatiko terminals.

For further questions and inquiries, please contact us at (+599 9) 466 1111 or mail us at


Personal Loan Refinance Fee



Late Payment Fee


Loans with payoff term less than 6 months

NAf 106.00



10% on any late payment, with a minimum fee of
NAf. 5.00

All other amounts

NAf 212.00


Loan Cancellation Fee


AOV pensioners

No charge


Three months in advance

NAf 159.00

Personal Loan Consolidation Fee



Two months in advance

NAf 212.00

Loan amounts lower than NAf 5,000.00

NAf 212.00


One month in advance

NAf 271.00

Loan amounts between NAf 5,000.00 and NAf 10,000.00

NAf 371.00


Interest Letters/ Balance Letters/ Pre-Calculation Letters


Loan amounts greater than NAf 10,000.00

NAf 530.00


1st Letter

NAf 10.60




Each additional letter

NAf 10.60

Please note:

  • Interest Letters for the current year will not be charged in case these were not mailed out by the bank.

  • Any request for a second letter will be charged if:
    1. The interest letters have been mailed out
    2. The registered customer’s address is verified and correct.



Late Payment Fee on Non-Revolving Business Loans

5% on any late payment

Please note that many of these transactions are offered free of charge or for a lower fee via our Bankomatiko (ATM’s), Pagomatiko, Personal Online Banking and MCB Mobile Banking.