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ATM Fees

All fees/service charges are subject to OB

Please find below a listing of our fees and service charges for personal accounts, business accounts, and in-branch transactions. Please note that these fees may impact your account(s).

  • Tax (OB) is applicable to Resident Accounts
  • All fees listed below include o.b.

As a special reminder, please note that many of our Bank transactions are offered free of charge or at a lower fee via our MCB Online Banking and MCB Mobile Banking Services, Bankomatiko (ATM’s) and Pagomatiko terminals.

For further questions and inquiries, please contact us at (+599 9) 466 1111 or mail us at


Cash Withdrawal using Bankomatiko Smart Card



Cash Withdrawal using Prepaid Card



NAf 1.06


Kompa Leon Moneycard

NAf 5.30

At a Cashnet ATM

NAf 2.12


USD Prepaid Card

USD 5.30

At a Cirrus ATM

NAf 4.72





ATM Balance Inquiry



Cash Withdrawal using Credit Card


At a Cirrus ATM

NAf 1.06


NAf Credit Card

3.18% with a minimum of NAf 10.60

      USD Credit Card 3.18% with a minimum of USD 10.60