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Arrange your banking affairs by telephone.

What is Telebanking?

Telebanking is an automated service allowing you to do your banking via your telephone, landline or mobile.

Quickly check your balance, transfer money by phone, between your own current and savings accounts, or even pay a bill. With MCB’s Telebanking you can bank using your phone, be it at home via a landline, your mobile phone, locally or internationally. Especially useful if you do not want to use the internet or if you are in an area without any Internet connection.

Telebanking: 466-1111, option 1

MCB’s Telebanking is available via 466-1111 or from abroad via +599 9 466-1111. After the initial language selection, select option 1 for Telebanking. Telebanking is available in Papiamentu, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Telebanking is part of your standard banking services and is free of charge. When you use Telebanking you only pay for the regular calling costs. The calling costs are depending on your provider and whether you use a fixed or mobile phone. Internationally you pay the normal calling costs for making an international call to Curaçao.

Available 24 hours per day

Via Telebanking you manage your banking needs 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Via the various menu option you are able to:

  • Request your bank account balance
  • Make real-time account transfers
  • Make a bill payment (pre-registration required)
  • Change your telebanking PassCode
  • Order checks
  • Daily foreign exchange rates (no login required)

No separate registration is required. The first time you are asked to enter your PIN and change it into your personal Telebanking PassCode. Together with the last seven digits on your Bankomatiko, this will be all you need to access Telebanking.

How does it work

Banking without an Internet connection.

When you call 466-1111 you will be requested to select a language. After the language selection, select option 1 to go to Telebanking. You will be given clear instructions. A menu will give you various options. By using the keyboard on your phone you are able to go through the options.

After the language selection, select option 1 to go to Telebanking. Hence you will be given a menu with various options. If you don’t understand what is being said, just wait for the selections to be repeated. This way you are able to easily arrange your basic banking affairs with every (mobile) phone and do this at a time that is convenient for you. Even when you don’t have access to an internet connection.

Safe banking

Telebanking is secured with a personal 4-digit PassCode. With this code you can only transfer money between your own accounts that are tied to your Bankomatiko and to other known accounts. These known accounts, for example to pay your electricity bill, are setup and authorized by you in advance. This can be done in any branch. Open the section below to view all available vendors for Telebanking. This way using Telebanking is always safe and secure.

For more information about Telebanking, please send an email to or call us at 466-1111, option 4.