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Personal Online Banking

Account Information

Which accounts can be viewed on Personal Online Banking?

All active Personal and/or Savings accounts linked to your Bankomatiko Card, as well as the balances of your Credit Card(s), Personal Loan(s), Mortgage(s), Time Deposit(s), Call Account(s), Investment Account(s) and Insurance Policies.

What if I want to view additional accounts?

On the main accounts page, there is a link to add additional accounts.

Click on the link and fill out the form.

How far back does my transaction history go in Personal Online Banking?

You can view current and savings account transactions up to 6 months back.

Can I view account statements in Personal Online Banking?

Statements for current and savings accounts and all credit cards are available in lightweight full color online versions that print in an ink conserving way, or save the full color PDF on your computer.

When do today’s transactions appear in Personal Online Banking?

Transactions submitted and processed on Personal Online Banking, or through other bank departments, prior to 2:00 pm on business days will show up in Personal Online Banking after 11:00 pm that same day.

Account Transfers

What is an account transfer and how does it work?

An account transfer is moving funds between the Current and/or Savings Account(s) that are set up in MCB@Home. Transfers are supported in ANG, USD and Euro currencies. The transfer will occur in the currency of the ‘From’ account. To transfer funds, select the account you want to transfer funds ‘from’ and the account you want to transfer the funds ‘to’.

Can I transfer Dollars and Euros?

Yes, it you can transfer US Dollars and Euros if the ‘From’ account is a Foreign Currency account.

It is also possible to make payments from a US Dollar or Euro account.


I made a payment, but the balance of my account did not change. Why?

When scheduling a payment, the balance of the selected account will not reflect payment of the amount until this payment has been processed in our settlement procedure, between approximately 4 and 5 pm.

When does the beneficiary receive my payment?

If the beneficiary’s account is at MCB, the payment will arrive the same business day.

For beneficiaries at other local banks, it takes about 3 days for the payment to arrive. 

Can I use MCB@Home to make payments to beneficiaries at other banks?

Yes, you can.

How do I pay a beneficiary on another island?

If the beneficiary is within the MCBGroup, the same procedure applies as with local banks, selecting the beneficiary’s bank from the Dropdown Menu on the payment page. If the beneficiary does not appear on the Dropdown Menu list, you can complete the payment with a Wire Transfer.

How do I pay a beneficiary in the USA or Europe?

Beneficiaries in the USA or Europe can be paid by Wire Transfers.

How do I pay an international beneficiary, other than in the USA or Europe?

All international beneficiaries can be paid by Wire Transfer.

Do I get a confirmation that a payment has been made?

MCB@Home generates confirmations both at creation of the payment and at its execution.

Can a local payment be made from a Dollar or Euro account?

Yes, however, the beneficiary account will be credited in its native (e.g. ANG.) currency.


What are the transaction limits?

Transfers and payments are subject to the following daily and amount limits, subject to change by the Bank.

Transaction type Number per Day Amount

Transaction type

Number per day

Amount per day (ANG.)

Amount Single Transaction (ANG.)

Within own Accounts




Bank Vendor List Payments




3rd. Party Payments (not in vendor list)




Wire Transfers




Prepaid Phone Recharge

Which prepaid phones can be recharged on MCB@Home?

All UTS prepaid phones: UTIL/CHIPPIE/TELEFASIL can be recharged through MCB@Home.

How are prepaid phones recharged on MCB@Home?

By making an immediate (Pay Now) payment to the beneficiary UTS UTIL/CHIPPIE/TELEFASIL in the ‘Payments’ section.

When is the recharge applied on the prepaid phone?

The recharge will take place within 5 minutes after a ‘Pay Now’ transaction. If you schedule a recharge, rather than use Pay Now, the recharge will take place after 4 pm.

Checkbook Orders

When I order a checkbook online, where and when can I pick it up?

The checkbook is sent to the pickup branch specified on your request form.

Checkbooks are ready for pickup 2 business days after your online order.