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3D-Secure Payer Authentication

Prevent unauthorized card use and protect from fraudulent chargebacks.

Merchant Account Requirements

Internet Merchant Questionnaire


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Requirements for accepting credit card payments online:

  • Web Site
  • Internet Merchant Account
  • Payment Gateway Account

The first requirement for accepting credit card payments online is a web site. You can use off the shelf software to develop a web site yourself, or acquire the services of a professional developer who can also register your Domain Name, arrange for hosting of your site and for making regular changes to the site.

The Second requirement is an Internet Merchant Account. This is an internationally recognized registration number that Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V. (MCB) can set up at a FDMS, one of the largest credit card processors in the world, so that your business can accept credit card payments online. Click here to view the requirements for obtaining an Internet Merchant Account at MCB. In order to apply for an Internet Merchant Account, just fill out and sign a copy of the Ecommerce Questionnaire that you can download here. Please submit this questionnaire along with a Business Plan at our Bankcard Services department so that we can conduct a preliminary review of your petition. For more information or to make an appointment contact us at 599-9-466-0788

The third requirement is a Payment Gateway Account. The Payment Gateway provider is a third party vendor that offers the software to securely link your web site to the Bank’s credit card processor. While Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V. does not offer Payment Gateway Services, we do have the knowledge and expertise to recommend one to you.

3D-Secure Payer Authentication

Prevent unauthorized card use and protect from fraudulent chargebacks.

The 3D-secure Payer Authentication service gives e-commerce merchants the online payment guarantees offered my major card programs via one easy connection. Implementing 3D-Secure Payer Authentication allows you to minimize customer disputes, receive chargeback protection, and obtain relief from fraud liability.

Besides promoting customer confidence, implementing payer authentication makes you eligible for chargeback protection offered by some card brands.

Just one connection provides access to authentication across multiple brands. Additional payment and fraud screening services are available via this same connection for a fully-integrated, secure payment solution.

The 3D secure API ensures a quick and easy implementation process. Professional Services can be made available to assist you with system integration of necessary.